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Dario Cucci has been in sales and customer service for over 25 years and shares his experience and expertise with people and companies.

As entrepreneur, he will show you how your team can master the golden laws of sales and together ensure genuine customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The result: long-term customers who spend their money with you!


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Motivational Speaker

Marc Pooler

Dario is a great sales trainer. His customer service training is very important as so many companies get customer service wrong.

Filip Mursic

Dario is an outstanding Holistic Retention Coach who has helped our company take existing customer business to a whole new level.
His in-depth specialist knowledge and extensive experience have inspired and empowered our teams to set new standards in dealing with existing customers.
Dario is characterized not only by his specialist knowledge, but also by his sense of duty and commitment. His commitment to our goals is unwavering at all times. Thank you for that, dear Dario!
Through Dario's guidance, we not only improved our existing customer business, but also developed a deeper understanding of holistic strategies.
Dario's work helped us exceed our goals.
Dario is undoubtedly an asset to any team or organization looking to set new standards in retention.

Dr. Chris Lorenz

Dario looks consults me in the area of ​​Mindset & Sales Processes for our German & English speaking customers in DACH, USA, UK. 


1. Proceed strategically

You always need a strategy of how you can best serve your customers in the short, medium and long term. If you lose sight of it, you will not be successful.

2. Work on mindset

If you want to change your mindset and learn new things, you first have to let go of the old perspectives. This is how you release blockages in the subconscious and create space to learn new things.

3. Keep learning

Employees who receive further training and expand their specialist knowledge can work efficiently and in a solution-oriented manner in the company.

4. Set the right targets

Unrealistic goals put employees under unnecessary pressure. You should ask employees what they consider realistic and respond to them.

5. Appreciation

Employees who are valued and respected are more motivated and work more efficiently.

6. Save carefully

Anyone who saves costs in customer service is doing it in the wrong place. This usually leads to losing customers to the competition.

7. Communicate properly

Communication should always be transparent and targeted at all levels. If this is not the case, it leads to distrust and loss of customers.

8. Work-Life-Balance

Employees and managers need a balance to their work, otherwise they become dissatisfied and risk burnout. You have to set limits for yourself. Family time is also part of success.

9. Flexibility

Employees and managers have to learn to be flexible. For example, someone from sales can step in for customer service. This way you are more efficient internally and can deal with customer problems more quickly.

10. Create meaningfulness

If employees perceive their activities as meaningful, this leads to more motivation and performance and they stay with the company longer.


Dario is a bestselling author and has also contributed to numerous publications as a co-author.



Today Dario travels the world and speaks at seminars / conferences.

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