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Dario Cucci, CEO, International Speaker, Sales Coach & Bestselling Author

Dario Cucci, is an international Speaker, Bestselling Author and Serve & Sell Coach to the Professionals. He discovered that many Professionals, Experts & Coaches out there struggle to get repeat Business, due to their Mindset, Communication Skills & Business Strategies in place, to support their growth.

His career in Sales started within the Self Development & Events industry over 20 Years ago, back in Australia when he worked with the Ton Robbins Team as a Sales Executive, based on commission only income. During his first year working with them, he generated over 1 Million additional Sales Revenue for the Company.

That’s how it all started, from there on he has worked for several Companies in Australia for 10 years, making them yearly over 1 Million Dollars additional Sales Revenue without fail, because of the way he spoke with new Prospects & existing Customers, he had a high closing rate not only getting new Customers selling intangible Products as well as getting a lot of repeat Sales and referrals because of the way he build the Relationships with the Customers he called, using his High-End Sales C.A.R.E System.

Which in turn enables them to improve their Customer Service and as a Result get more direct referrals, so they don’t need to do the old fashion expensive Marketing Campaigns to grow their Business, instead they can gain momentum with their existing Customers to get new Customers, by understanding how to serve their Customers better than they currently do.  As a result of following his coaching and trainings, most of his Clients increase their sales revenue anywhere between 300% up to even 2000% within the first 3 months working with him.

He now provides the Training, Coaching & Mentoring, by holding Live Workshops, Seminars, In-House Group Training, Online Group Coaching and 1 to 1 Coaching.  

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