Why Communication Is Still The Key To More Sales

Why Communication Is Still The Key To More Sales

Why Automation Does Not Replace Communication To Make More Sales

One of the biggest issues facing every Business, regardless of industry or market niche,
is to 1., get new customers and 2., get more repeat sales from existing customers.
If they can do these things, they are almost guaranteed success.

Has Technology Made The Way We Do Business Better?

This used to be an idea that was so simple, almost any business could do it.
But that was when the attitude of businesses was to stay in touch with the customers to build a sustainable relationship with them.
The introduction of new technology has changed that, and in some ways, for the worse.
With business automation software changing the way we relate with our customers,
we have done a complete 180-degree turn and are now relying on social media,
autoresponders and other automation apps to create those customer relationships for us.

These days, the only time a consumer hears from the service providers or companies that sell a particular product is when
a bill is outstanding or when a new product or service is on the market.
This ‘out of touch’ business mentality is a direct result of every aspect of today’s business being automated.
From emails and social media posts, down to voice messages and SMS texts,
business automation has made things easier for us, but has it made them better?

Many of today’s business owners have the mindset that automation should replace communication,
yet they are left wondering why they continue to lose customers to the competition.
The reason is quite obvious!

Lack Of Communication

Lack of communication causes customers to lose trust over time and as a result, they end up changing service providers or even products,
with the hope that the competitors’ products or services will be better. 99% of the time, this is not the case.

Once you understand that communication is a 2 way street, you will realise that it can never be replaced by automation.
The human interaction in an actual conversation with personality is missing and that makes the conversation less of a conversation after all.

Rethink Customer Service

If you are the owner of a company that provides a service or sells a product, start making it a habit to train yourself and
your Employees to change the way you think about customer service.

When you provide better, more personal service to your customers, you will notice three things:

  • Customers Will Remain Loyal To Your Brand

  • Customers Will Recommend You To Their Network Of Friends, Family And Coworkers, Gaining You New Customers

  • You Get A Better Public Reputation And New Customers Will Seek You Out To Work With You.

While all of this might sound very simple, it is actually quite complex because the biggest enemy of doing that is you, “The Business Owner”.
Most business owners overthink customer service and support and forget about the needs of their customers
while trying to think of new and innovative ways to meet those needs.
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How You Can Save Your Business By Improving The Way You Communicate With The Customer

If all of this makes sense to you, and I hope it does for the sake of your business, I am here to show you how it can be done and
that it won’t cost you as much time and money as you might think. In fact, it will take even less time and money than setting up your automated marketing and
ad campaigns with automation did!

Building trust through automation can take a long time. Much longer than holding a productive conversation
with a potential new customer or doing a follow-up call with an existing customer.

Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

Research has shown that an existing customer is 60-70% more likely to buy again from you,
whereas a new prospect who has only just heard of your company has a 5-20% of being converted into a paying customer.

And, with today’s opening rate on emails being between 3 and 10%, and only 1-3% of people making a purchase online after receiving an offer via email,
the chances that those customers will become repeat buyers is very slim.

Why do you ask? The number one reason is that they don’t know you, they don’t have a relationship with you and they feel any obligation to stay loyal to you. In fact,
they might only buy your service because of the offer and, as soon as your competitor offers something similar but at a better price, they will jump ship and go to them.

Build Trust And Build Your Business

On the other hand, when you build trust by actually having a communication strategy in place and by staying in touch with your customers and
holding conversations that build a trusting relationship with them, they won’t abandon your company for a competitor’s better offer.

The Million Dollar Communication Mistake

The Million Dollar Communication Mistake