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What’s the minimum duration on any of your Sales Coaching Programs?

The minimum is 3 months, except with the group coaching program or the ultimate entrepreneur club membership it is 12 months.

can I try out your service?

You can book in a 30 minute discovery and sales boost coaching session, to experience “Dario Cucci’s style of coaching. After that if you feel he is the right fit for your business to improve your sales strategies and skills, then you can either book in a one off 90 minute sales breakthrough coaching call with him or commit to a 3 month sales coaching program that fits your needs.

When is the next Ultimate entrepreneur event that I can attend in london?

The next multi-speaker event is held on 13 & 14 July 2019 in London.

How much are the tickets and what makes this event unique to other multi-speaker events?

The general tickets will be sold to the public at £99 when we go live with them, however if you want to book your ticket before we go public, you can do so right now by contacting us and get them at 30% discounted price.

When attending the ultimate entrepreneur event what’s included with the general ticket?

2 Day Access to the event, training manual and recording of the entire weekend, which will be provided to you within 4 - 6 weeks after the event.

Are there any free tickets available for the ultimate entrepreneur event?

No, we do not offer free tickets for this event as it has shown that people don’t value tickets they receive for free.

What’s the minimum that “Dario Cucci” recommends when it comes to receiving sales coaching to improve my sales skills?

That all depends on your level of experience and what you struggle with the most when you need to make sales in your business. Without speaking with you, he won’t know what’s best for you and what you will need to work on the most. Book in a 30 minute discovery coaching call with him and discuss it.

Are the sales coaching calls recorded?

When we hold them online using the video conference platform “Zoom”, then yes they are recorded. However if “Dario Cucci” travels to your company to coach you and train your employees it won’t be recorded, unless you request to film his training at the time.

How many Sales, Customer Service or ACQUISITION Employee’s can “dario Cucci” train at one time?

Dario Cucci prefers to provide customer service communication training and sales coaching for up to 20 employees. Reason being that it allows him to attend each individual’s needs when it comes to their own weakness about mindset & communication habits that prevent them from reaching their sales target.

If i want to be a sponsor or a speaker at the next ultimate entrepreneur event, what do I need to do?

Submit a contact form, with as much details provided about yourself, your company and how you like to be involved, in what capacity.