Terms & Conditions For Online & Offline Purchases


Terms of Use With Your Purchase

I understand that I will accept the Terms of Service provided and that once purchase is made no refund will be given after the 5 Day Cooling off period. (Conditions apply for purchases made online via our thirdparty online order form processor and offline, for all services and products, including sponsoring of an event that we organize) (Websites we own and the terms and conditions apply to are: www.dariocucci.com, www.dariocucci.net, www.on-call-business.net, www.on-call-business.ch)

Terms of Service 2018 of On-Call-Business Ltd for Sales Coaching, Training, Project and Events Management Service of Dario Cucci 

  1. Cooling off period

If you notify us in writing and within 5 business days from the date of signing this form that you wish to cancel we will refund you the total amount you have paid less the value of the product received with your enrollment i.e., products are non refundable. This period is waived if a program is paid for within 3 days of the start of that program or if the service has already been provided.

  1. B: Subscribing To Newsletters Provided By On-Call-Business GmbH & Online Campaigns

You accept to receive information provided by us via Online Marketing Campaigns, Email & Social Media, that relates to the Event and or Program's your registered to receive information from, such as: The Ultimate Entrepreneur, Serve & Sell Masterclass, Selling With Purpose and more. Every time you enter your Details on a landing page to be informed about the Events, our Sales Coaching & Mentoring Services, you give consent to receive information in your Email. You understand that at any given time, without giving any Reason you can unsubscribe from the list you originally registered for and that we supply you with a link within every email we send to you, to change your preference of subscription or unsubscribe.

  1. Product Warranty & Reschedule Seminar Attendance Guarantee

If any product that you receive with your enrollments is found to be faulty, our only obligation to you is to replace the faulty product within 14 days of your written request.

If for whatever Reason can’t attend the Event you are Booked in for, you can once re-schedule your attendance to attend the Seminar/Workshop at another Date Free Of Charge, as long as you give us 7 Days’ Notice in writing prior the Event Date you are Booked in for.  No Refund will be given if you do not turn up to the Event you are Booked in for and you won’t be qualified to collect any of your Bonuses.

  1. Transfer or Re-Scheduling your enrollment

The date of the event you have selected on your order form is the event you are now confirmed to attend and all Terms of Service as follows apply. If you find that you are unable to attend the seminar on the dates which you have enrolled, you may transfer or re-schedule your enrollment as per the outlined timing below.

  • Refresh or repeat tickets are for graduates are not transferable.

  • After cooling off period has expired you accept that no Refund will be given to you for the purchases of your Tickets to attend Events such as “The Ultimate Entrepreneur”, “Serve & Sell Masterclass “, “ 3 Day Serve & Sell Mastery Workshop” or “ 5 Day High End Selling & Luxury Retreat Workshop”.

  • Ticket’s of The Ultimate Entrepreneur are transferable to another Person, if the Person that purchased the Ticket can’t make it, they can contact us with the Person they like to transfer the Ticket. In order to do so, the Customer is required to email us the new Ticket Holders Name, Email and Mobile Number at least 3 Days prior the Event Date.

  • Not attending an event you are enrolled for with no notice given 100% of the fees paid for are forfeited unless you prove to us that you had a personal medical emergency or other reason that prevented you from coming to the event. In the event that it is a medical emergency, we require copy of your doctor certificate. In case of a personal emergency, we require you to put in writing the factual reasons to why you couldn't attend (i.e. death in the family had to attend the funeral). In that case, we will allow you to re-enrol in attending the next event for you to participate at no additional charges.

  • Any advertised Bonuses for “The Ultimate Entrepreneur Event” (Such As Hard Copies Of Book’s) will be given at the Event. Recording of the Event will be shared with the Attendee within 4 – 6 Weeks after the Event has been held. If the Attendee does not show up to the Event, they will forfeited the Bonuses and will no longer receive them.


  1. Enrollment cancellation and Debt Collection liability

  • If you choose to cancel your enrollment for any reason other than within the cooling off period identified in paragraph 1, you will be liable for the entire program price as advertised by On-Call-Business Ltd which is owned and operated by Dario Cucci.

  • For any Project and Events Management Task, On-Call-Business Ltd can’t be held Liable if the assigned work given to a Freelancer is not completed to the Customers Satisfaction.

  • If your invoice is overdue by 14 days and you have not made any payments to settle it, you will be charged an administration and penalty fee of +£20.

  • In Case you have outstanding payments older than 30 Days and are not responding to any of our written reminders on Facebook Messenger, Skype, SMS or via Email during that Period. We will take legal Action against you to collect the Total Outstanding Amount of Payments, owed to us by you. In doing so we will hire Debt Collection Service, any fee’s occurring from the Debt Collection Service to collect the Outstanding Payment will be Billed to you. This can also affect your Credit Rating, so it is in your best Interest to speak with us to find a Financial Arrangement that is within your Budget possible before we must take Legal Action against you.

  1. Coaching, Training Services, Events, Sponsorship and Project Management

  • As with all our Services including Coaching, Training, Events, Sponsoring an Event and Project Management we provide we pride ourselves to assist our clients to best possible way for them to achieve the results they are aiming for. You as the client are required to follow the coaching and apply all the given tasks without fail for you to succeed in Business using our Communication and Mindset Strategies to make more sales in less time within your Business.

  • You are held accountable to make sure to allocate Time for the Monthly Required Coaching Sessions with Dario Cucci and or his Coaches to assist you with your Progress within your Business. Not doing so, does not equal of you having not received the Coaching Sessions as we are always available to be of assistance and respond within 24 – 48 if not sooner to confirm your Booking Request for the Coaching Sessions you have paid for. Coaching Sessions can’t be monthly accumulated to be claimed at the end of the Contract Term all in one Day, they are meant to be claimed Monthly, if you don’t Book your Monthly Coaching Call/s with us, you will lose those Session/s and there won’t be a Refund or Credit for it, as we did everything in our Power from our end to make Time available to Coach you. To Book your Monthly Coaching Call/s with Dario Cucci or one of his Coaches, you can contact him directly via Facebook, Skype, Email or make a Booking Request online via the App Calendly which is shared with you via Email, Membership Site and “The Fast Track Sales Group Coaching Facebook Group”.

  1. Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • No refund will be given after the coaching has been received

  • If you are on a 3, 6,12 or 60 Month Contract you are obliged to pay for the Full Amount, if you are on an Instalment Plan and cancel your Contract early with us, you will be invoiced for the Full Outstanding Amount for our Coaching and Training Services. If you paid the full Amount of your Coaching and Training Services in Advance and cancel prior the Contract finishing, you won't receive a Refund but will be accredited with the Equal Value of attending Seminar Training/Workshops or receive Coaching till the paid Value of Service has been received by you from us.

  • You are required to pay for your coaching sessions 1 month in advance. In case you can’t attend the coaching, you are required to let us know 24 hours prior otherwise any fee you paid for the coaching will be forfeit and is non-refundable.

  • On Project and Event Management Tasks, we only approve a Refund of a maximum of up to 50% if the work that we are assigned to Manage and get completed for the Client is not done within 2-4 Weeks after agreed Deadline to the Client Satisfaction. The Client agrees to give a realistic Deadline to get the Project Managed and completed prior start working with us. In not doing so, the Client waives the Right to receive any Refund in the Future for the Paid Project or Event Management Services.

  • Cancelling the Agreed Contract Early, not implementing what you been taught by Dario Cucci and not attending the Coaching Calls and or Trainings will result in a £500 Early Cancellation Fee on top of the Total that you paid with your Instalments for the 3, 6 or 12 Month Coaching and Training Contract after the Contract has started and the 5 Day Cooling Off Period has been exceeded.

6b  Further Product Return Requirements and Conditions:


  • I understand ALL products and Services, including Bonus items, must be returned to On Call Business Ltd in ORIGINAL

condition. On Call Business Ltd staff, officers or agents will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during shipment

of returned products to On Call Business Ltd.

I further understand:


  • Written detailed reasons for cancellation should accompany my written notice of cancellation. • A photocopy of my sales receipt indicating payment type must accompany your written notice of cancellation. • My name, address, telephone number and email address must be legible and contained within my written notice of cancellation with Name of the shipping company used and any tracking information (tracking number) must be legible and contained within my written notice of cancellation.


Approval of Refund Request


  • I understand there will be no consideration or authorization for a refund without meeting all return requirements and conditions outlined above.

  • I understand upon approval of my refund request and receipt of returned product or service by On Call Business Ltd payments made under this written contract of sale will be refunded within 10 business days.

  • I understand purchased product or service cannot be returned at subsequent seminars, symposiums or training meetings of On Call Business Ltd or other PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROVIDERS. On Call, Business Ltd will not be responsible for honoring refunds that do not follow the process outlined above.



  1. Payment for Seminar Enrollments required before completion of the Seminar.

  2. Attending Events that are sponsored such as “The Ultimate Entrepreneur: I understand and accept that my Details will be given to the Sponsors of the Event that I have registered for and or attend such as “The Ultimate Entrepreneur Event”. I further acknowledge that I might be contacted by the Sponsors of the Event (The Ultimate Entrepreneur Seminar) to be informed about their Products/Services and be added to their mailing list. If I wish not to be contacted by the Sponsors of the Event, I can request the Sponsors to remove me from their Database or request On-Call-Business Ltd, to not disclose my information prior me attending the Event. 

  3. On-Call-Business Ltd may offer or recommend services such as payment plans. Web Services, Marketing Consulting and so on, use of such facilities is completely optional and does not override the requirement that your enrolment must be fully paid before the seminar commences (unless given exception by Dario Cucci” in writing). To attend the 3 Day Workshop, you require to have paid the Full Amount of your Coaching and Training Program.
    Bonuses: You can claim your Bonuses as long as you up to Date with your Payments, if you fall behind with your Instalment Payments you won’t be able to make use of the Bonuses promised to you, when you signed up. For you to have a Speaking Slot and or Promotional Stand Bonus to promote your Business, you require making Full Payment or settle the Total Amount of your Training And Coaching Program prior confirming your Promotional Stand and or Speaking Slot.

  4. Intellectual Property and Copyright

  • All materials presented during the Seminar and after the seminar(s) for which you are enrolling is subject to copyright. The copyright in the materials remains the property of the owners and may not be recorded, used or reproduced without the written permission of the copyright owner.

  1. General

  • This Agreement may not be varied except with the written approval of the director of On-Call-Business Ltd. All Terms of Service and warranties implied by the statue that are excludable are excluded from this agreement. Such terms, conditions and warranties implied by statute that are not excludable are not excluded from this again, but our liability for breach of such conditions and warranties implied by statute that are not excludable is limited to the total amount paid by you to On-Call-Business Ltd under this agreement. Including the Countries such as Switzerland and United Kingdom.

  1. Volition

  • The decision to attend an On-Call-Business Ltd Seminar or Workshop is on your own. I have not been pressured or coerced into making this decision. Furthermore, I accept responsibility for the results I achieve after the seminar and the coaching I receive.

  1. Filming Disclaimer

  • I acknowledge and understand that the program may be recorded visually, aurally and in writing and the material may be used by Infinite Success Australia as they see fit including for promotional and marketing purposes. I authorize On-Call-Business GmbH (Ltd) and speakers to use my voice, materials, name and likeness for their purposes and in future promotional materials, print and or online.

  1. Financial Disclaimer

  • The event information at your event is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider any advice in this event in light of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs before acting on it.

  • On-Call-Business Ltd takes no responsibility for the services or guarantees the performances of any product provided the third parties. Participants are under no obligation to use these services/products to find one which best meets their personal objectives, financial situation or needs. On-Call-Business Ldt disclaim all guarantees undertakings and warranties, expressed or implied and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including human or computer error, negligent or otherwise by one or more of the authorities or incidental or consequential loss or damage.) arising out of or in connection with any use or reliance on the information or advice at our event with Dario Cucci. The user must accept sole responsibility associated with the use of the material from the event. Irrespective of the purpose for which such use or results are applied. The information at this event is no substitute for financial or consulting advice.

  • These Terms of Service and the relationship between You and Us (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with English Law; and Any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim between You and Us relating to these Terms of Service (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, as determined by Your residency.

Important Note: With the Purchase of our Services Online or In Person, you have accepted the Terms of Service as stated. On-Call-Business Ltd reserves the Right to amend the Terms of Service when it deems it as appropriate. You will be notified of the Changes via E-Mail or Post.